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There is one constant throughout our legal practice the passion and expertise in representing businesses and individuals in complex litigation and trial matters. Our lawyers and staff are highly qualified in handling diverse litigation and courtroom matters in regards to personal injury law. The common thread in our practice is that we prepare for the courtroom from the beginning of our representation. We are always thinking of how to win once we get to the courtroom. And that creates positive results for our clients.

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When you or a loved one has been seriously hurt or injured, retaining proper legal representation can make a big difference.  Give us the opportunity to hear your case.  Your consultation is free and if we do take your case, there is no fees unless we win you case.  Complete and submit this short form today to get started.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Houston is considered by many one of the most dangerous places to drive in the United States.  With our sprawling population and seemingly constant road construction, traffic accidents are common in and around Houston.  The city’s growth in addition to the growth of the towns around Houston means a population explosion and without adequate public transportation most people take to the roads.

The Molina Law Firm has handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident claims from car accidents to 18-wheeler accidents, you can be assured that our law firm has the experience, resources and knowledge to properly represent you against insurance companies that may not have your best interest.

Medical Malpractice

Houston is home to one of the largest medical communities in the United States.  With its large population and large work force as well as an aging baby boomer population, even that cannot seem to keep up with the medical needs of the city.  Small, independent emergency rooms are being opened to help stem the need for more EMS and consistent medical care.  If you of a loved one has had serious injuries as a result of a hospital stay or treatment from as doctor, give us a call.  We can use our experience to let you know what your options are and what you can reasonably expect to get from a lawsuit based on your particular situation.

So whether its a severe reaction to a prescription drug, negligent care from a doctor or care facility or a worsening of a condition due to mistreatment, give the attorneys at the Molina Law Firm a call.  We will review you case and in the event you have a case, we will aggressively represent your interest.

On-The-Job Accidents

Have you been injured at work?  It is the responsibility of your employer to provide a safe work environment and proper training to safely perform you job.  If you have been seriously injured or feel that an injury may get worse, contact us to see what your options are.  The workers compensation doctors may not have your best interest when it comes to releasing you back to work or even diagnosing the extent of your injuries.  Let the knowledgeable lawyers at the Molina Law Firm hear your case and let you know the best course of action.  On-the-job injuries and the laws that govern them can be complicated and time-sensitive so giving us the most time to look into your case is your best option