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Premises liability is the responsibility of property owners and managers that they must provide a safe environment for people to walk around homes and businesses.  This includes the infamous slippery floors but can also cover poor lighting, tripping hazards and other unsafe conditions.  Property owners can be held liable if they caused or knew about the unsafe or hazardous condition.  Slip and fall accidents can cause serious personal injury.  Many times people simply laugh it off as clumsiness or their fault, but property owners must make their areas safe for pedestrian traffic.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slip and fall accidents account for over 1 million visits to the emergency room each year.

The Molina Law Firm has been representing injury accident victims for over 30 years helping them navigate the sometimes complex legal fight against the insurance carriers.  Remember that when you retain Attorney Rick Molina, you pay nothing up front and we only collect a percentage of the compensation you receive only when we have won your case.  Don’t go against the insurance carriers alone.  Attorney Rick Molina will aggressively represent you and fight on your behalf.  We have the knowledge, resources and experience to get you all the compensation for your loss, pain and suffering.

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What to do after a slip & fall accident?

Accidents involving slip and falls can results in injuries so your health is the number one priority.  There are steps to be taken if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident.  We have detailed some of the steps here.  These steps are some of the more broad, important things that should be taken care of.

Your health should be your number one priority. If you have been hurt seek medical attention. If first responders suggest that you go to the emergency room, follow their advice. An emergency room doctor can help detect initial injuries and possible issues that may come later. Additionally, they may detect any disabilities that can be long term or permanent. They will document these injuries and help your personal injury attorney when you decide to pursue an injury claim.

If you or someone at the accident called 911, the local police will show up to perform the initial investigation.  They will ask a lot of questions, cooperate and answer honestly but make sure you do not make comments that indicate that you were at fault.  Answer the questions directly and do not elaborate.  Even the smallest statements can be used against you by the insurance companies to deflect fault from their clients.

If you or someone you know is able, take photos of the accident scene.  Include photos of the vehicles involved as well as the accident scene such as the intersection, road conditions and any possible contributing factors like construction or obstructions.

Once you leave the accident scene or have been treated at the hospital, contact the Molina Law Firm so that we can get the details of your case and let you know what to expect.  We offer free consultations and you never pay a fee unless we win your case.  18-wheeler accidents can get very complicated and they will have many resources to minimize the compensation you get.  Attorney Rick Molina knows the trucking laws and he knows Houston.

Houston Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Slip & Fall Accident Statistics

Slip & fall accidents are very common and most times the injuries are minor but there are a significant number of serious injuries that can cause temporary or permanent disabilities.  Hospital bills can be expensive even with co-pays.  If you have fallen on someone else’s property due to an unsafe condition, you should not be responsible for the costs and other losses.  Here are some quick facts about slip and fall accidents:

  • Approximately 8 million people go to emergency rooms because of falls each year of which 12% are due to slip and falls.
  • According to the CDC, the average cost of a slip and fall hospital visit is over $30,000.
  • In 20-30% of cases, slip and fall accidents result in serious injuries, 5% of slip and falls results in broken bones.
  • Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of brain injuries and hip fractures.

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We are here are ready to help.  If you have been involved in an accident with serious injuries, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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Frequently asked questions about slip & fall accidents

You should report the injury to the property owner then seek medical attention.  Even though it may seem minor at first, you could have injuries that will not manifest itself initially such as internal organ damage or brain injuries from concussions.  The hospital will document your visit and your complaints.

In Texas, if your employer participates in the Texas Workers Compensation program, you cannot sue your employer but your medical bills and lost wages will be paid by the workers compensation insurance.  If a third party (not your employer) was at fault for the accident such as faulty equipment or unsafe condition at the property owner where your employer had you go to work, then they may be liable to provide additional compensation.  Contact Attorney Rick Molina to see what your options are.

Property owners and homeowners are required to maintain liability insurance in the event that someone gets hurt on their property.  When a claim is filed, the insurance company should compensate you for costs and loss associated with the accident.  Often, insurance companies use tactics to lower the amount of money they have to pay.  It is a good idea to seek legal assistance to ensure that you get compensated for ALL your losses.  Attorney Rick Molina will help you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

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When you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, the damages may be significant and your injuries can be serious.  It is important that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you so that they can determine how much you have lost and get you compensated properly.  Attorney Rick Molina and the Molina Law Firm is here to help.  We will aggressively represent you by thoroughly investigating the case, gathering all pertinent information, determining present and future pain, suffering and loss then maximizing your compensation.

We work on a contingency basis so you pay us nothing up front and a percentage when we win your case.  We have helped hundreds of people over the past 30 years to get back on their feet after serious injuries and we can help you!

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